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Massage guns have hit the market with a very high intensity, similar to the highest intensity on the gun itself. But it’s clear to say that these past 2 years have encouraged allot of people to adapt to a healthier and more active lifestyle,

Being active has its disadvantages, one of which is having sore muscles after an intense workout which we will cover in this blog article:

Why Do I Feel Sore After Working Out?

Massage guns are widely used within the health industry, with many high intensity athletes using them before and after a training session to help with their routine. Muscles in your body undertake eccentric and contraction movements during weight lifting movements, in doing this small micro tears form, which give the feeling of soreness after an exercise routine.

What Does The Massage Gun Do?

Massage guns use a technique called Percussive Therapy which is a method to recover by manipulating the soft tissue to relive muscle tension, relax, and to promote pain relief. It uses a combination of mechanical pressure with low-frequency vibrations to help accelerate the recovery process, these both act together to increase the temperature within the skin and muscle, effectively increasing the delivery of oxygen and blood circulation to those targeted areas, helping improve the healing process and improving performance.

During the Massage gun process, the mechanical head can rearrange the muscle mass fibers, target pain areas which are caused by muscle spams and tears, and repair those tissues and tendons. An example of this is when you go out for a run, you are essentially putting strain on your hamstring by tightening and pulling, this will result in micro tears formed within your muscle, over time this may lead to discomfort and stiffness, while the use of a massage gun may help your hamstrings recover faster after each run.

Why is A Massage Gun So good?

Being an athlete of any sort it is incredibly important to maximize your performance, it doesn’t matter how much you train if you are fatigued and unable to train then the balance of training and recovery has become off. For you to be be able to train at your uttermost peak performance level it is vital that you put your training and recovery into perceptive and follow the signs your body is telling you. This is where the massage gun comes in, if you are feeling sore you can help promote healing by using this gun to help you train at your peak performance.

Which Massage Gun Should I Buy?

Although the market is flooded with massage guns everywhere it is very difficult to choose a good brand to trust, that’s why at Beshtech we are now stocking our high quality Beshtech Branded massage guns. Our Massage guns range from different intensity levels for the beginners to the expert, with 5 star reviews it is sure a gun you will love and use everyday. To purchase our Massage gun click here and order yours today

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