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So you’ve just got a new battery or a new phone? If you want your battery to last, you will need to follow this guide to ensure your new battery lasts the full of its lifetime. There has been a lot of misconception regarding batteries and how to use them, and at Beshtech, we will clear some of those up! Firstly batteries are a consumable part meaning they are designed to be replaced; for example, think of a battery as the oil in your car, firstly. For your vehicle to run as efficiently as possible, it’s always recommended to do a service on your car and change the oil; the same concept applies to electronic devices; over time, your battery won’t be as efficient, which is completely fine as batteries were never intended to have a 100% efficiency, so we always recommend to put in a new battery in every 1 – 2 years to keep your device up to date. The following steps will help you take care of your phone battery.

Charge the battery before it completely dies to take care of your battery

Draining your battery is completely fine. However, there is a point where draining your battery too often and completing 0 can create issues with its life; it noted that if you were to completely drain your battery from 100% to 0% ever so often, the energy in your battery would be almost halved. When using your phone, this brings us to the solution: have your phone charged to 100% and discharged to no less than 10%. In vital situations, we can let that slide to 5%; doing this will allow the cells to recharge and recover.

Use a genuine original data cable.

To take care of your iPhone Battery, you need to be using the correct data cable helps, whether it’s from Apple or not the main reason we say this is each cable contains its resistivity, which effectively can deliver a different power output, so we suggest using the correct line to deliver the right power output.

Do not use your phone while charging

In this modern-day, it’s highly tempting to keep using your even when it’s on the charger; if you have ever noticed your phone becoming excessively hot in your hands while charging, there’s a good reason to stop using it and let it charge. Using your phone while charging creates a lot of strain on your battery as your battery is not receiving enough power to charge; for example, appropriately, it’s like pouring water into a bottomless drain. This effectively reduces the life of your battery.

Plug your phone to charge once

Charging your phone in and out of charge and not letting your battery charge to 100% can effectively ruin your battery; it’s always suggested to leave your battery on charge until 100% from 0%; however, if your battery is above 50%, it’s noted that minor changes throughout the day aren’t as detrimental. For more chargers and other accessories, visit our accessories section here.

Take care of your phone Battery

Don’t stress in the end, phone batteries are only designed to last 1-3 years before having to be replaced if you follow the instructions above you will be able to achieve a better result, but in my opinion, it’s always best to have an efficient device which may mean changing the battery ever so often to check out our batteries online at beshtech

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