My iPhone isnt charging

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Hey Beshtech! Help,

My iPhone isn’t charging¬†

There comes a time in everyones life where their iPhone just won’t charge! We’ve been backed up with emails about how to fix this problem, so we thought we’ll create a step by step guide to help you diagnose your own phone before going to a technician! 9 times out of 10 it can be just a simple fix and we’ve come up with a list. Here’s a list of the steps you can try get your iPhone back and running again:

Step 1

  • “Trouble shooting the basics”
    The first common problem is having built up gunk and dirt inside your charging port, this can be the most common and easily fixed problem to solve!

  • How to fix it you ask? Well it can be real simple, firstly you’ll need to inspect the charge port using a light and a magnifying glass to ensure that this step is right for you, using your magnifying glass and light zoom into the charge port to see if there is any built up dirt and grime, the reason why this can occur is that the charge port contains contacts which delivers the power to your phone, over time these contacts can become hidden under the dirt and grime, inevitably cutting the contact between power to your iPhone. Now for the fix, you’ll need to break out the 100% isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swap. Dip the cotton tip into the alcohol and then gently insert the tip into the charge port making sure to use a sweeping motion to repel the dirt towards the opening of the charge port. After you have done this a few times, inspect the charge port to check to see if the dirt is removed and the contacts are clean, then you can go ahead and charge your iPhone and see if this step has fixed it for you!¬†

Step 2

  • “Troubleshooting”
    In some cases your iPhone is telling you that it’s time for a new battery and that the battery in the phone now is not able to maintain enough charge to power your iPhone
  • How to fix it you ask? This next step requires to open your iPhone, if you are not confident you can seek our professional team to test this step for you. To fix this step, you simply need to order a new Beshtech Battery from This battery will come with a free tool kit which will help you open up your iPhone. Top open your iPhone and locate the battery please watch our tutorials online. Once you have disconnected your old battery and connected your new battery, try to power up the device. From here there are 2 options:

    1. Your device will power one which means the motherboard is still working well and is a good sign. From here you need to try connect the charger to see that your iPhone will charge. If your iPhone charges it means that your Battery was the only thing you need to replace, but if your iPhone doesn’t charge it means you need to now trouble shoot the charging port cable flex, which can also be purchased from¬†

    2. The second out come is that the iPhone hasn’t turned on. At this point it could mean that the motherboard itself is not getting power, which can mean the chip responsible for providing the power is called the TriStar IC is faulty and may need to be replaced. This will need to be done by a professional and cannot be done alone.

Step 3

  • “When in doubt reset”
    Sometimes your iPhone may be experiencing some software issues and not hardware given that your iPhone still has some juice in the battery you can try this step.

  • How to fix it you ask? This is much easier and can be done by yourself! We recommend trying this step prior to seeing a professional as they will ask you if you have done so. First step is to do a hard reset, for your iPhone model please refer to the Hard reset Blog page to find out how to reset your particular model. Once you have done this check to see if it has solved your problem.

  • If the hard reset hasn’t helped this situation, the next step will to be to completely reset your iPhone back to brand new, but before doing this make sure you have backed up all your data as it could be lost during the process.

  • If none of these steps have worked for you, you will need to contact our local professionals to diagnose your phone and determine what steps are next for you.

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