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mAh or commonly known as Milliamp Hours.

A unit for measuring electric power over time. mAh is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at any given time. For example iPhone 11 battery mAh is 3,110 mAh

A battery rated for more mAh will power a phone for a longer amount of time, given the usage remains the same. The  batteries with a greater mAh are generally also physically larger and heavier which requires more space in a Phone for example. This is why Phones have become larger over the years to adapt to our usage.

A higher rated mAh when fully charged can power a device that consumes more power and/or for a longer amount of time before becoming flat and needing to be re-charged. Lets look at an example. If we use the latest iPhone 12 Pro max  battery with a rating at 3,687 mAh can power a device drawing 100 milliamps for 36.87 hours, or a device drawing 200 milliamps for 18.44 hours. Simply battery consumption depends on the device’s power needs. Although a larger battery can mean longer battery life, it all depends on the Device, as now that we continuously upgrade to the best technology for our era, it could essentially mean that these devices will have higher power needs. 

It is recommended to change your battery when your battery health indicator reaches below 80%. A general rule of thumb to use with all devices, is to change the battery once a year, as the same concept applies to your vehicle, you need to service your vehicle every so often to ensure your vehicle is driving at its optimum. The same principle applies to batteries as they are a consumable product that will need to be replaced. For iPhone Battery replacements visit: https://beshtech.com.au/product-category/iphone/

The following list for mAh is featured just down below:

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