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iPhone 8 Plus Home Button

The iPhone 7 and 8 series are the last to contain the ever so “Home button” although technically this home button shouldn’t be called a home button for the below reasons, the biggest issue when coming to replace the iPhone home button is that the home button has an encryption which will only work with the original home button. However we answered some of the most common questions we receive regarding this generations home button. The following is our quick FAQ guide for the IPhone 7 and 8 Home button:

FAQ14 – “Why won’t the cheap home button not work?”

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 Series including all plus size models, incorporates what we call a fake home button. Unlike what we have seen in the previous models such as iPhone 6, the iPhone 7-8 Series features a nonphysical home button which relies on vibration and sound to mimic the same feel as a button without being physically pressed. You may ask why this is important? Apple has designed this button to be encrypted to each iPhone 7-8 Series meaning that not any home button replacement will work. For years technicians have struggled to find a replacement with the Gen 1 and Gen 2 home button using a wireless connection such as Bluetooth or a flex cable to be manually installed, which turned out to be non user friendly. Now that our technology has improved we have developed our Gen 3 which will act as a home button without using Bluetooth and a flex cable and is very user friendly, as a plug in and play button.

FAQ15 – “Will touch ID work again with my iPhone 7 or 8?”

In short the answer is no. If you have damaged or broken your original home button the encryption will never work again, as mentioned above the iPhone 7 and 8 incorporates an encryption which doesn’t allow the function to return when the button has become faulty, similar to the face ID function on the iPhone X and above.

FAQ16 – “Which button will work?”

iPhone 7 – 8 series is the Generation 1 – 3 Home buttons. The generation 1 and 2 home button will require soldering knowledge and a Bluetooth connection which is by far very inconvenient and not user friendly, whereas the Generation 3 home button is plug in and play with no additional requirements.

Which home button can I buy that will work?

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