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There will come a time when you are more than likely pressured into purchasing a newer improved iPhone, with this you most likely want to transfer all your data to your new phone! Here’s the full run down to help you understand how easy it is to set up a new iPhone from an old iPhone.

Option 1 – Automatic setup using an iPhone/iPad in close proximity

1. Select the language on your new iPhone or iPad with your previous device in near proximity

Image from Apple Support

2. Once you reach to the second stage of the iPhone Set up you will be prompted with a notification to set up your new iPhone with the iPhone you previously owned. Please note that the iPhone must be in close proximity for this to work

Image from 9to5mac

3. When you have placed the two iPhone next to each other, you can start the process and you will see a pop up as displayed above to set up your iPhone with copied information to the new iPhone. Once this is done you can follow the prompts and your iPhone is ready and complete

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