How to Calibrate iPhone Battery – Brand New installed Simple Guide

There comes a time where your iPhone Battery no longer holds charge, or doesn’t as long as it used to! This is completely normal and you shouldn’t stress to much about it. Unfortunately phones are made to last forever, being that the battery is usually only meant to last 2 years to the max and you will need to replace the battery or upgrade and get a new phone! Well we have made the following article to help you keep your battery in top notch condition to help you take care of your friend.

How to Calibrate iPhone Battery

Once you have installed a Brand new Battery you will need to follow the following steps

1.Your new battery should be calibrated. Your battery should have some charge, you need to leave this until the battery completely dies

2.After your phone has died with the original charge left inside the new battery, you will need to charge your Phone. Connect your phone to a wall power source and DO NOT disconnect the phone until the charge has reached 100% as this will impair the battery conditioning. Using a wall charger and not a laptop or car charger is recommended

3.Your phone should be fully charged, now you can go about your day using your phone as you normally would, until the phone discharges to 5%. Now you can charge your phone and discharge as you normally would

4.When using your phone day to day use, it is recommended to not use your battery past 10%, using your phone past the 10% will then destroy the health of the battery and you will need to replace your battery earlier. It is not recommended to use your phone to 0% battery health

how to calibrate iphone battery

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