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Benefits of Resistance Band Training

What is resistance training? This term is thrown around the internet so frequently without many understanding what the benefits of using resistance training can be on ones overall health and fitness. You will notice that Beshtech is now a supplier for high quality resistance bands as seen here. The ever so popular training with these bands are seen everywhere from Instagram to Youtube. The benefits is essential from optimal muscle strength and development just like with any regular dumbbells.


Resistance Training, also known as strength or weight training is based around specific muscles contracting against an external resistance, whether that be using a dumbbell or using a band. Essentially any object that leads to the contraction of your muscles is considered resistance. In this article we will talk about the benefits of using a resistance band. Regular resistance training is more likely to result in increased strength, control, hypertrophy, and endurance.

1. An Excellent Substitute for Gym Equipment

Since we’re being advised to stay at home as much as possible during this time of Coronavirus confusion, resistance bands are a great alternative to the workout equipment that the majority of us are used to. Resistance bands’ versatility allows us to target particular muscle groups and produce great results by allowing us to extend and contract our muscles. Resistance bands are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

2. Build Muscle and Increase Strength

Yes, you can even improve in your own backyard! Your muscles are working hard and efficiently in order to develop as they contract against the band. If the weight becomes too easy to push against, simply raise the stress by using a thicker band, just as you would on the gym floor with a heavier dumbbell. As long as the stimulus (in this case, I is present,

3. Fat Burning

Resistance training has been shown to help people lose weight. The amount of energy expended and strength needed when doing this type of training is one reason for this. The more calories burned, the harder you work out and the more energy you put into your Resistance Training. In addition, a successful banded workout has been shown to improve oxygen intake after you exercise, meaning your metabolism is still working! As a result leaves you burning calories even after your you’ve finished your resistance workout.

4. Cheaper Than a Gym Set

That’s right, a home gym does not have to cost $5000! Resistance bands are cheap, with some even costing less than $40! Even if you buy several resistance bands with different strengths, your costs will remain minimal. When the price is so big, it’s harder to come up with a reason not to buy resistance bands! So, what exactly are you waiting for? Buy a Beshtech Resistance Band kit today 

4. Helps Promote Focus, Balance and Good Form

When you gradually move from workout equipment to resistance bands, you will find that you will initially feel nervous while exercising with the band. This isn’t a bad thing, so don’t be concerned! Getting the hang of using a band can be difficult, as it will put the whole body to the test, not just one muscle group.

When you feel unsteady while doing any workouts, it simply means you’re being forced to focus more on keeping good form, which will help you stabilize your muscles while also strengthening your heart. Finally, managing the stress and release on the band can necessitate a great deal of focus.

Rather than allowing the band to snap back into position, keep the strain on it. This will insure that you maintain good shape, balance, and concentration while Resistance Training, and will help you in the long run.

5. Stay Healthy & Stay Active

It’s been proven again and again that to be your best self you need to maintain and keep a healthy life style. Whether its by Resistance bands or just a regular walk in the park, Just get out there and do your part for your mind and body  

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